Battle of Memphis Social

Sunday after games we are hosting a meal for traveling teams before they head back.
Spartans are in charge of supplying SIDE DISHES for BBQ.
We will need to feed 250-300 players.
Please sign up so that we know we’re covered. It’s okay to duplicate: we’ll need a lot of everything. HOWEVER, let’s balance each other out.
Let’s show these guys some Memphis hospitality!

Battle of Memphis 2018 Schedule

2018 Battle of Memphis is here!

We’ll have games both Saturday, March 24 and Sunday, March 25 at USA Stadium in Millington.

Our first games on both days is 10 am. Be at the field ready to go at 8:45 am.

Here’s the lineup:


10:00 Barbarians vs. White Station

11:00 Houston vs. Little Rock

12:00 Houston B vs. Barbarians

1:00 Little Rock B vs. White Station

2:00 Bearden vs. MICR All Stars

3:00 Brother Martin vs. CBHS

4:30 Houston vs. MICR All Stars

5:30 Bearden vs. Storm


9:00 Bearden vs. Houston

10:00 Brother Martin vs. White Station

11:30 Barbarians vs. CBHS A/B mix

12:30 Storm vs. Little Rock

1:30 MICR Girls vs. Houston Girls

2:30 MICR Developmental vs. CBHS B (one half)